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Easy Bacon Shortbread!

In partnership with Missouri Pork!

I made an incredible cran-bacon shortbread this season. WoW that sounds so BRAG-GY but it is Cran-Bacon Shortbread with Rosemary are one of my best cookies ever! I say that with a little bit of credentials (haha -Brag-gy again) ~ I won $25,000 in a cookie contest once with a Chocolate Margarita Moon Pie! And this year, I was shocked to receive an email that I won the grand prize in the Go Bold With Butter Holiday Cookie Contest and would be receiving a $5,000! So you can say, cookies and I are best friends!

Now back to the Cran-Bacon Shortbread with Rosemary. My first batch, was quickly handed out to neighbors with raving reviews. On the second batch, I had quickly eaten way too many when Hubby stormed into the kitchen hungry for dinner (slight exaggeration). He whined that he was soooo hungry so I shoved a piece of cran-bacon shortbread in his mouth! His eyes lit up and he declared how scrumptious it was (well he didn't use the exact word scrumptious). He asked why I had not told him about them. I said I did. He said, "I thought you had only been baking Christmas Cookies." HUH??? Since when do Christmas Cookies have a curse??? Anyway, I officially declare Cran-Bacon Shortbread with Rosemary as a year round, approved by Hubby shortbread, you will make over and over in 2021!

THERE is something magical about how the bacon adds flavor and texture to the shortbread! I love my pecan shortbread but I actually love Cran-Bacon Shortbread with Rosemary a bit more. Please give this recipe a try and get back to me! I would love to hear your thoughts! Make sure to glaze the cookies with the icing it really brings the whole cookie together.

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Recipe: Cran-Rosemary Bacon Shortbread C
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