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Rotisserie Summertime Sea Bass, Shrimp and Peach Kebabs

Summertime Sea Bass, Shrimp & Peach Rotisserie Kebabs on a blue platter.
Summertime Sea Bass, Shrimp & Peach Rotisserie Kebabs! Yum!

Rotisseries are not for chicken alone! Have you heard that Primo Grills has a Rotisserie Kit with skewer attachments? Now you can make Summertime Sea Bass, Shrimp and Peach Kebabs in your backyard too! White Sea Bass and Peach kebabs soak in a citrus-ginger marinade then heads to the rotisserie grill for a touch of smokiness. Showy enough for company and easy enough for a weeknight dinner! Call the kids to help skewer!

Primo Grill's Rotisserie Kit has been mounted to a Primo Ceramic Grill.
Primo Grill's Rotisserie Kit is super easy to set up.

Thank you Primo Grills for sponsoring this post. All opinions are of course my own. Summertime Fish & Peach Kebabs are so enjoyable to make using the Primo Rotisserie Skewer Kit!


  1. Fish is packed with protein and is lean.

  2. Fish and summer fruit are a light delicious alternative over burgers!

  3. This recipe is easy if you are using your Primo Rotisserie for the first time.

  4. This is a unique meal and your family and friends will be impressed! FuN!

  5. The fish will not over cook as it spins around on the rotisserie.

Primo Rotisserei Kebab Holder box is being displayed with the package's parts.
Introducing the Primo Rotisserei Kebab Holder!


2 Smoking Wood Chunks if desired

Primo Grills Lump Charcoal is photographed with QuickLights and 2 wood chunks.
I love the flavor that Primo Lump Charcoal gives even without wood chunks.

Four different Primo Grill rubs and 1 Primo Grills BBQ sauce are positioned in from of a Primo Ceramic XL OVAL 400 Grill.
Primo Grills Sells Rubs too!

A bowl of fish in a marinade, shrimp, peaches, onions, Primo rub, bell peppers, and Serranos are on a cutting board.
Gather you ingredients it's time to create deliciousness!


For the Kebabs:

1 1/2 to 2 1/2 pounds of firm fish with the skin removed. Cut into 1 1/2-inch chunks.

1 pound extra large shrimp, peeled

1-2 green peppers, cut in large chunks

1 cup 2-inch spears of green onion

1 cup 1-inch cup Serrano or jalapeño peppers

For the Marinade:

Your favorite fish marinate or the ingredients below.

avocado oil

rice vinegar

1-inch fresh ginger root

1 cup cilantro for marinade and garnish

sesame seed oil, I like the toasted sesame see oil

soy sauce or coconut aminos

1 lime and 1 orange, zest

orange juice, please make it fresh, substitute with tangerine

lime juice, please make it fresh, substitute with lemon

agave syrup, substitute with honey, or maple syrup

fish sauce, try not to substitute but add more soy sauce if you must have alternative

2 medium tomatillos, optional

1 small Serrano pepper finely minced, use a half if you are afraid of the heat - substitute jalapeño.

2 teaspoons Primo Summer Peach Seasoning & Dry Rub

Green bell peppers, substitute yellow, orange or red

Green onions, substitute with red, yellow, or white onions

Ingredients to make fish kebabs.
Look for a really thick firm cut of fish. My sea bass came from a fisherman!


It is important to have fish that is 1 1/2-inches thick. White Sea Bass, Swordfish, Halibut, and Monkfish hold up on the grill. My thoughts on tuna is that if it over cooks it isn’t so yummy due to dryness!

A rotisserie on a Primo Grill with skewers of fish, peaches, and peppers.


  1. The kit has 6 (15-inch) flat skewers that make lacing food easy.

  2. The components of the kit are made of stainless steel.

  3. The skewers, and the circular holder, and the spit rod are dishwasher safe.

  4. I love that I can grill veggies, meat, and fish to perfection over an open flame now. My other rotisserie is over a propane burner.

  5. If you cut veggies and fish in a consistent size they will evenly cook due to the rotation of the rotisserie.

  6. The metal skewer is sturdy, reusable, and doesn’t need to soak like bamboo skewers do! YaY!

  7. The flat shape of the skewer keeps food on securely throughout the entire cook. The skewer has handles on one side making them easy to use.

A rotiserrie with skewers of fish over hot coals.
It's hard to put the lid down because it is so enjoyable to watch!


I can create a true two-zone direct and indirect simultaneous cooking with the fire box divider and deflector plates.

I love the flavor of the gently smoke that Primo’s Primo's Natural Lump Charcoal creates even without smoking wood chunks.

The Primo Ceramic Grill is shaped in an oval that allows a large grid space

A closer look at sea bass, peaches, and peppers on a rotisserie skewers.
Fish and Peppers Rotisserie Kebab is what you need to brighten your summer meals.


Primo Rotisserie Kit for my Oval XL 400 has opened a new grilling playground for me. The motor for the rotisserie is the quietest I have heard! The latest rotisserie accessories expand the playing field even more.

The rotisserie frame is easy to mount to the grill. Build hot embers and presto you have a lump charcoal or a wood-fired rotisserie ready to go!

There will be smoke drifting from where the lid closes when the rotisserie frame is mounted. I adjust for this by closing the top and bottom vent a little more than usual to regulate my grill’s temp.

The first time I used the rotisserie, the spit rod partially jiggled out of the motor mount. The slight movement caused the rod to stop the circular motion. Hubby is an engineer and quickly stood a brick barely touching the rotisserie handle, located at the opposite end of the motor. We have used the brick ever since and do not wonder if the spit rod is going to “walk” out of the motor.

Overall, the Primo Rotisserie is absolutely a wonderful way to cook in your Primo Ceramic Grill. The rotisserie kit features stainless steel components for a heavy-duty design, allowing for many years of slow-roasted meals.

I can honestly say every dish I have made with the Primo’s rotisserie and the attachments (kebab holder, wings basket, and the 3-sided basket) have turned out moist and scrumptiously delish.

Fish has been thread on to flat skewer sticks and placed onto a holder.
The flat skewers make it easy to slice fish, shrimp and veggies.


Make sure to keep the fish icy cold before threading onto the skewer. I do this by setting a baggie of ice on top of the bowl of the fish after it has been in the marination.

You can thread the fish, peaches, onion, and peppers onto the skewers and refrigerate while the grill is coming to desired temperature.


You can adjust the quantity of kebabs cooked with how many you are feeding and what size of appetite your diners have.

Aim at 1 1/2 kebabs per person. The Primo Grill Rotisserie Skewer Kit holds 6 kebab skewers so at 1 1/2 kebabs per person you can serve 4 diners with hefty appetites.

This dish can easily serve 6 people when served with garlic bread, Alfredo pasta, and a salad.

An extreme shot of rotisserie sea bass that is done grilling.
Gorgeous Rotisserie Grilled Sea Bass!


How can you tell if fish is fresh?

I ask the person selling the fish when the fish arrived at the store.I select fish that has arrived fresh that morning or the day before. The fish should not smell fishy nor have a slimy film.

Can canned peaches be used?

I highly suggest fresh or frozen. Canned peaches need to be chilled if used so they don’t soften too much. When using frozen peaches, only thaw the peaches just enough to lace them on the skewer.

What other summertime fruit works?

Plums (cut into half), nectarines (cut into 1-inch thick slices), and Pluots (cut into quarters). Campari Tomatoes work well too!


Tacos, tacos, tacos! Or buy the prepared tostada shells! Either a fish taco or a tostada will taste delicious with a layer of creamy guacamole, grilled fish and chopped peaches and peppers. Drizzle salsa verde on top or sour cream that has been thinned.

I served the fish tostadas cold so the fish did not dry out. So delicious on a summer day. If cold fish is not your thing then heat only the fish in the microwave, at half power, for 15 seconds.


A blue platter of skewered sea bass, shrimp, peaches and peppers.
Excellent way to cook fish on the grill because of the even rotating heat.

Recipe Sea Bass, Shrimp & Peach Rotisserie Kebabs
Download DOCX • 10KB

Summertime Sea Bass, Shrimp & Peach Kebabs



2 tablespoon avocado oil

2 tablespoons rice vinegar

2 tablespoons finely chopped ginger root

2 tablespoons minced cilantro

1 tablespoon sesame seed oil

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 tablespoons orange juice

1 tablespoon lime juice

1 tablespoon agave syrup

1 teaspoon fish sauce

Zest from 1 lime and 1 orange

2 medium tomatillos, optional

1 Serrano pepper finely minced

2 teaspoons Primo Summer Peach Seasoning & Dry Rub


2 pounds (11/2-inch thick) ah tuna or white sea bass, or firm white fish

1 pound extra large shrimp, peeled

1-2 green peppers, cut in large chunks

1 cup 2-inch spears of green onion

1 cup 1-inch cup Serrano or jalapeño peppers

4 cups sliced peaches, fresh or frozen (if frozen thaw partially)


Primo Ceramic Grill

Primo Rotisserie Kit

Primo Rotisserie Kebab Kit

Primo Lump Charcoal

Primo QuickLIghts Fire Starters

Primo Summer Peach Seasoning & Dry Rub

Grill Gloves

Meat thermometer


Serves: 4-6

Prep Time 15 minutes

Marination Time 45 minute marination

Grill Time 15 minutes

Seasons ALL

Category Seafood


To Prepare Marinate: In a blender, combine avocado oil, rice vinegar, ginger, cilantro, sesame seed oil, soy sauce, orange juice, lime juice, agave syrup, fish sauce, citrus zest, tomatillos, Serrano pepper, and Primo Summer Peach Seasoning & Dry Rub, and puree until smooth with speckles.

Cut fish into 1 1/2-inch chunks. Place fish chunks and shrimp into marinade, and refrigerate for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare green peppers, green onions, Serrano pepper in equal sizes. Right before preparing the skewers, partially thaw the peaches for 10 minutes.

After marinating the fish and shrimp, thread the fish and vegetables on the skewers.

Sprinkle with a little extra Primo Summer Peach Seasoning.


Fill the grill half-way with Primo lump charcoal.

Mount the Primo Rotisserie Grill frame. Set up the motor and plug it into an electrical socket.

Preheat Primo to 300°F to 325°F degrees.

When gray smoke has turned into blue smoke, and the desired temperature has been reached, it’s grilling time.

Insert the fish skewers into the kebab holders. Secure the kebab holder onto the spit rod by tightening the screws.

Insert the kebab holder on the spit rod into the Primo Rotisserie motor, and turn the motor on. Close the grill’s lid.

Smoke the kebabs for 10 minutes with the motor running the entire time. During the last two minutes of grilling open up the vents to increase the high heat. The internal temperature at the fish at this point should be around 120°F.

Continue to rotisserie grill, with the grill lid open, over extremely hot embers, until the fish reaches 125°F and the shrimp is 120°F degrees. Allow the fish to get slightly charred or remove the kebab holder once the fish and shrimp reach the temperatures above. Remove the kebab holder with grill gloves.


A close up platter of fish, peaches, peppers, and shrimp that have been cooked on the grill using the Primo Rotisserie Kebab Holder.
I Could Eat Rotisserie Grilled Sea Bass and Shrimp Everyday!



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