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Sticky Sriracha Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends

In partnership with Primo Ceramic Grills! Of course, when I rave about Primo Ceramic Grills performance it is because I 100% believe it!

Description: Sticky Sriracha Pork Belly Burnt Ends Description: Cherry smoked pork belly burnt ends start with a tantalizing coriander and smoked paprika rub then smoked low and slow. The smoked pork belly nuggets braise in sweet and spicy sriracha lime agave sauce with a hint of BBQ sauce. Thirty minutes later the pork belly bites sizzle over high heat to develop a scrumptious, finger-licking, pork belly burnt ends crowd pleaser.

A tray of pork belly burnt ends with limes, tangerines, and cherries.
Sticky Sriracha Smoked Pork Ends are finger-licking people-pleasing party food!

Sticky Sriracha Pork Belly Burnt Ends Description: Cherry smoked pork belly burnt ends start with a tantalizing coriander and smoked paprika rub then smoked low and slow. The smoked pork belly nuggets braise in sweet and spicy sriracha lime agave sauce with a hint of BBQ sauce. Thirty minutes later the pork belly bites sizzle over high heat to develop a scrumptious, finger-licking, pork belly burnt ends crowd pleaser.


I buy pork belly at Costco, the Mexican Market, Restaurant Supply Market, and the International Market. I rarely see it at my regular grocery store. If you plan a trip to your neighborhood grocery store, to buy pork belly, simply call first!

I love the quality of the pork belly strips at Costco although I would actually prefer to buy a 5 pound pork belly slab with skin removed, and cut it into my own strips and cubes. One week, I bought a 4.5 pounds single stack of pork belly strips. Perfect! At Costco, they don’t generally cut to order, however, recently I asked if I could have a 7.5 pound package of pork belly strips reduced to just 4 pounds! He wasn’t busy that day so they did it for me. Yay, for Costco!

Your local butcher will of course cut your pork belly to order. If you can, ask for 1 1/2-inch square cubes! Be that specific!


Pork Belly is the same cut of pork that bacon comes from but the pork belly slab has not been cured, smoked, or sliced thin. Pork belly is not from the actual pig’s stomach but from the underside of the pig layers of fat and meat.

If I need to justify my preference for pork belly over bacon I will claim that pork belly’s pure flavor is not masked by processing! I will even go to declare it is healthier due to the lack of preservatives! I always knew my purest attitude would have a payoff!

Lastly, low and slowly cooked pork belly is so flavorful and incredibly juicy. When is the last time you had bacon that was incredibly juicy? HaHa ~ gotcha!


Look for a slab of pork belly that has plenty of meat in comparison to the fat. There is a huge difference in meat to fat ratio in pork belly don’t be shy to find that meaty package! And if you must, ask the butcher if there are any meatier slabs of pork belly in the back.


I used 3 hickory wood chunks for my pork belly dogs just because the bag was within reach. Cherry, apple, peach, hickory, and maple wood chunks or chips are excellent choices for pork belly. What wood chunks or chips to you have within reach? Just go for it! And yes, if you don’t have wood chunks, make a few wood chip pouches and add to the fire every hour.


  1. Keep Pork Chilled: pork belly needs to be in the refrigerator until the minute you are ready for ease in cutting the pork belly cubes.

  2. Cut Pork Belly Cubes: by cutting the pork belly into cubes there is more exposure to smoke infusion and amazing bark can form.

  3. Size Matters: cut the pork belly into 1 1/2 inch cubes. This will look big but trust me as the pork belly morsels cook the fat renders, leaving the perfect bite size!

  4. Consistency Matters: do yourself a favor and be consistent in cutting each pork cube the same size in order for the burnt ends ready to transfer off the grill at the same time.

  5. Kitchen Sheers Work: pork belly is fatty enough to stay moist and succulent even when cut into small chunks. Kitchen shears are handy for this task after strips have been cut!

  6. Don’t Skimp: be sure to generously rub the pork belly cubes, and let them sit while the fire is started. So don’t light the fire first then go season the pork belly!

  7. Need More Rub: you can use your favorite pork rub if you want but our recipe is amazing! Go ahead and sprinkle with 2-tablespoons or more of a store bought rub. I have mixed my smoky coriander rub with Girls Can Grill Pork Rub with great results!

  8. Out of Agave: if you don’t have agave syrup you can use maple syrup!

  9. Drip Pan is a Must: a wire bakers rack sitting on a rimmed cookie sheet is what I use to cook pork belly burnt ends. The rack allow for air and smoke to circulate around the pork for added deliciousness.


Think pizza, tacos and scrambled eggs! Seriously, if you are so lucky to have leftovers they easily reheat in a hot skillet!


Keep up with my grilling and smoking adventures:


*The construction is superior you can tell in the design of the ceramic bowl, the seal around the dome lid that guarantees a tight seal.

*The size of the grill space!

*The extention racks that add even more smoking space!

* Super easy to ignite, operate, and retain an even cooking temperature.


Recipe Primo Sticky Smoked Sriracha Pork Belly Burnt Ends
Download PDF • 31KB

Sticky Sriracha Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends

  • Light with Lump Charcoal.

  • 1 slab of pork belly with skin removed (I used a 5lb Slab of Pork Belly)

  • Cherry Wood chunks


For Smoky Coriander Rub:

1 tablespoon smoked finishing salt

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 tablespoon sweet smoked paprika

1`tablespoon ground coriander

1/2 tablespoon chili powder

1 teaspoon dry mustard

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon granulated garlic

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

For BBQ Sriracha Lime Glaze:

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup agave

1/4 cup lime juice

1 tablespoon BBQ Sauce

2-3 teaspoons sriracha

You Will Need:

Primo Heat Deflector Racks · Primo Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates

Primo Lump Charcoal Primo · Primo QuickLights Fire Starters

1 -3 cherry wood chunks

A grill or baker’s rack on top of a drip pan or rimmed baking pan.


Serves: 10 -16

Prep Time 10 min

Grill Time 1 hour

Seasons All

Category Pork

Smoke source: Primo Lump Charcoal and 3 cherry wood chunk

Cooking method: 250°F to 275°F Indirect heat zone for 2-3 hours followed by 400°F direct heat zone for 100-15 minutes

Garnishes: Fresh cherries and lime slices


  1. Cut the pork belly into 1-1.5 inch cubes.

  2. Combine Smoky Coriander Rub ingredients, and set aside.

  3. Coat pork belly cubes generously with Smoky Coriander Rub, cover, and set aside.

  4. Combine BBQ Sriracha Lime Glaze in a small saucepan and bring to a boil, simmer 1-2 minutes, and remove from heat. Taste and add extra lime juice, agave, sriracha, or BBQ, if desired. Cover glaze and set aside until ready to serve.

  5. Wrap two Primo Heat Deflector Plates in aluminum foil.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Use a full load of Primo lump charcoal. Place hickory wood chunks at each end of the Primo Ceramic Grill. Light charcoal with two Primo QuickLights fire starter sticks at each end of the grill. Leave the dome open. Wait 5-8 minutes for the charcoal to build a small bed of embers.

  2. Insert Primo Heat Deflector Racks at the lowest position.

  3. After small embers can be seen, insert the Primo Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates on side racks. Insert grill racks above heat deflectors on both sides of grill.

  4. Close the dome and adjust the bottom draft door and top vent to 250°F - 275°F.

  5. Arrange seasoned pork belly cubes, fat side up, onto a baker’s rack that has a drip pan underneath, and place in the center of the grill.

  6. Smoke the pork belly for 2 to 2.5 hours or until a probe slides easily in and out of the majority of the pork belly The internal temperature of the pork will be around 200°F degrees.

  7. Transfer the pork belly into a disposable aluminum pan gently toss in about 3/4 of the BBQ Sriracha Lime Glaze. Toss until well coated.

  8. Cover the pan in foil and place back on the Primo Ceramic Grill. Smoke for another 30 minutes.

  9. Uncover the pan and allow the pork belly to cook 15 more minutes, and the sauce thickens. This step is if optional depending on how if the sauce needs to thicken.

  10. Remove the pan of pork belly from grill.

  11. Use grill gloves to temporarily remove the grill grates in order to access the heat deflector plates. Remove the heat deflector plates and racks. Place grill grates back on grill. Close the dome.

  12. Open the bottom draft door and top vent to increase air flow, and raise the grill temperature to 400°F.

  13. Place the pork belly burnt ends back on the 400°F grill, turning frequently until all sides are browned and slightly crispy, about 8-10 minutes.

  14. To serve: place on platter and drizzle with remaining BBQ Sriracha Lime Glaze. Taste, and sprinkle with salt or BBQ rub, if desired.

  15. To garnish: arrange pork belly burnt ends with lime and tangerine slices on large platter, and garnish with mint leaves, lime and tangerine slices. When in season, cherries or peaches are eye catching and taste delicious with the pork belly burnt ends.



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