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OH MY Australian Grassfed Burger

So what do you think about burgers? I am a bit abnormal when it comes to burgers! I stopped eating at In-N-Out Burgers about 20 years ago! Yep, don’t scratch me off your list because I am a burger hater! I do have a valid reason! When I eat a burger at a fast food chain I get heartburn due to the fat or something in that hunk of unknown ground meat.

I haven’t given up on burgers though! Whenever a gourmet burger place has a grand opening I am there hoping and wanting the cooks to make the miracle burger of all times. I would love to sink my teeth into a burger that does not make me burp it up an hour after I eat it! After all, I love the bun, mustard, cheese, and anything else weird on top or between the buns.

Last night I made an incredibly tasty burger without any crazy add-ons! Hubby declared the ground beef flavorful, juicy and light. When he came home for lunch today he was beaming! He was so excited to have leftover burgers. Yep, it has to be really good ground beef to survive the microwave and still receive high ratings. Okay, brace yourself here comes the merry critique!

I slathered classic mustard, stone ground mustard, ketchup, dill and sweet relish on the bottom brioche bun then topped it with a juicy Australian Grassfed ground beef that Hubby grilled to perfection! OH MY! OH MY! The flavorful lean beef called me back to Burger Heaven! The ground beef was so tender I want to use the word light and you could actually taste beef not fillers! The flavor was excellent with little seasoning! I simply grated garlic and splashed the meat with Worcestershire Sauce. On the outside of the patty I sprinkled a little Montreal Steak Seasoning...AND best news….drum roll…Australian ground beef digests with no burps or heartburn! I am a huge fan of Australian grassfed ground beef!

OH MY Australian Burger


For the Bun and Burp-less Burger:

2 1/2 pounds Australian Grassfed Ground Beef

2 medium cloves garlic, grated

1 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1 tablespoon Montreal steak seasoning salt and pepper, or to taste

7 Brioche hamburger buns not toasted!

For the Toppings:


assorted mustard

dill relish

sweet relish

crunchy lettuce

fresh tomato

fresh red onion

sliced pepperoncini

Cheese if you wish but I wanted to taste the BEEF and omitted the cheese on my burger


Lightly mix the ground beef with grated garlic, Worcestershire Sauce, and salt. Form ground beef into 7 (6-ounce) patties. Do not handle the beef much ~ lightly means lightly! LoL

Sprinkle patties with Montreal seasoning and gently press your thumb in the middle of each patty. Ready to grill!

To Grill:

Heat grill to 450° -500° degrees. Place patties on grill for 4 minutes on one side with the hood open.

Turn the patties over and grill 4 minutes on the second side with hood open. Flip patties one more time and cook 1-2 minutes with hood closed or until internal temperature reaches 145° or desired doneness.

Serves: 7 delicious burgers

Prepare your buns however you wish! And when you try your own Australian Grass-fed Burger please contact me and let me know all about the deliciousness n your burp-less burger!

Merry Grilling ~ Happy Eating!

Such beautiful grassfed ground beef ~ Thanks to Australian Grass-fed Beef!

Check out where you can buy Aussie Beef!

More Burger news! For the month of May I will be participating in Girl Carnivore's Burger Month. You can follow along and win prizes simply by checking out this link!


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