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Primo's Easiest Rotisserie Turkey Ever

Thank you Primo Ceramic Grills for sponsoring this post! As you know, I adore my Primo Oval XL 400!

A amber colored turkey with a Primo Grill in the back.
Is there anything more glorious than a Primo Grill amber turkey?

Easiest Rotisserie Turkey

This is the easiest turkey recipe I’ve ever made! It has minimal ingredients, and requires little attention on my Primo Oval XL Grill! And to encourage you to make this recipe, I will say the  flavor and tenderness was outstanding! I’m still scratching my head over my successful rotisserie grilled turkey because of the ease! The credit has to be given to how the Primo Ceramic Grill and the rotisserie provide an ideal even heat and cooking method. Let’s go over more turkey tips so that you too can serve a moist and tender turkey. 

A raw turkey on a spit rod in the Primo Grill.
Truss and mount turkey on spit rod then place in center of the grill.


I learned something from this cook! Turkeys don’t need as much pampering as I thought! In past years, I have tried brines, dry rubs, spatchcocking, hot and fast grilling, icing the turkey breast, and many Insta-worthy #turkeytips! While I value those tips, what I experienced in this cook was that a juicy and tender turkey can be achieved with minimal ingredients and preparation! 


I season my #MinimalTurkey with 1/2 cup salted butter mixed, 1/2 tablespoon granulated garlic, and ¼ cup dry herb and salt blend. Spread the garlic butter under the turkey breast skin then on all sides of the skin. Sprinkle the turkey cavity with a dry herb blend. Boom, that’s it! A flavorful moist turkey will be yours in a few hours! Note: Butter the outside skin of the turkey after the turkey has been trussed and is secure on the spit rod. 

A rotisserie spit rod is mounted in the Primo Oval Grill.
So Exciting! Primo Grill has a Rotisserie Kit!


I’ve always cooked turkey on a gas grill rotisserie! Over the last 20 years my only option was to grill a rotisserie turkey on a gas grill. Not this year! I am thrilled that the Primo Rotisserie Kit is now on the market! 


I am most definitely a believer that a whole chicken and a pork loin should only be smoked using a rotisserie! So you can imagine how thrilled I am to cook a rotisserie turkey on my beloved Primo Ceramic Grill.  


However there is a challenge for rotisserie newbies! But that’s why I am here giving you experienced tips! 


You  know how to work your Primo vents with no problem…right? Having that knowledge, remember that oxygen means increase in heat. The rotisserie frame fits well on the Primo Grill but it is not a tight seal and air will get in. To compensate, I adjust the bottom vent to 1/8-inch open and the Daisy wheel to 1/8-inch open! One would think the fire would go out but there is enough of a crack for oxygen to sneak in! It does not take long to get the hang of making adjustments to achieve an ideal cooking temperature. 


Cooking on a grill rotisserie is nice because you don’t need to watch it every minute. However, every 30 minutes or so do make sure that the rotisserie spit rod has not walked itself out of the motor. The solution I have found for the case of the walking rotisserie is to place a brick lightly against the handle of the rotisserie spit rod. 


Other information you need to know for that rotisserie turkey  is how many pounds can it be! By the book, a 20 pound turkey can be cooked using the Primo Grill Rotisserie but I have not tested that. At this point, I will suggest not going  higher than 18 pounds. The turkey in the photos is 15 pounds. The heavy-duty and quiet  electric Primo Rotisserie Motor did not struggle at all. I’m trying out an 18 pound turkey in a few days and will report back!

A Primo Grill is on a back porch with blue and green cushions on outside chairs and couches.
I love the look of my Primo Oval XL 400 Grill!



EFFICIENT DESIGN: I am now convinced more than ever that my Primo Grill does magic! The high quality of design in the grill creates efficient heat circulation. Couple that with the rotisserie taking the bird on a spin round and round. Even circulation + Rotation = a turkey that is evenly cooked. Wizardry! 


Okay so maybe I am taking liberty at using the words magic and wizardry but my Primo Oval Grill XL 400 consistency performs beyond what I think it will. 


DEVELOPS FLAVOR: I’ve been cooking in my Primo Ceramic Grill for over two years. Every time I lift the Primo’s dome lid an alluring aroma greets me. That means the ceramic shell has absorbed and gives off flavor. Consequently the need for a lot of wood chunks is minimal especially when cooking with Primo Lump Charcoal.


RETAINS MOISTURE: The ceramic shell helps food to retain natural moisture, unlike metal grill basins that pull out the moisture. 


TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The Primo Grill has an easy to use draft system. The top vent is called the daisy wheel. It’s easy to slide it back and forth. The bottom vent is easy to slide, and contributes to the amount of air that is needed to feed or wane the fire. 


MADE IN THE USA: I’d like to think that my Primo Ceramic Oval Grill performs so well due to where it is manufactured in Tucker, Georgia! Great quality control! 


A amber turkey is on teh grill with a thermometer in the breast taht reads 161.
This turkey is good to go! The temperature will rise to an ideal temp of 165° as it rests.

If you are having only 4 guests put a chicken or two on the rotisserie!


  1. This is the easiest recipe for me to write up…EVER! All you need is a turkey under 20 pounds, 1/2 cup (1 stick) salted butter and granulated garlic. It is hard for me not to wow you with a salty brine, a balanced homemade rub or a glaze that makes your mouth water when you read about it. BUT ….this simple recipe made for a delicious juicy turkey! 

  2. A turkey is a blank canvas but that doesn’t mean you have to paint all over it! It’s about the entire meal! An important key is that you are seasoning the turkey to compliment the entire meal, from stuffing to mashed potatoes to sweet potatoes! After-all, your diners will be dipping the turkey in gravy or having a bite of cranberry sauce on top! It’s about designing a menu and seasoning a turkey to bring complimentary well balanced flavors.  

  3. Should Turkey be Rinsed? According to  the USDA food safety experts you should not rinse a turkey unless the turkey has been in a brine. Rinsing a packaged turkey can result in the spread of food-borne illness.

  4. What’s the Best Wood for Smoking a Turkey? As stated before, if you use Primo Lump Charcoal you don’t have to use wood chunks or wood chips. However I still think it is fun to play around with smoke! I’d suggest pecan, maple, apple, hickory, or even cherry!  Wood that might overpower the flavor of turkey is post oak. 

  5. Remove the turkey from the refrigerator one hour before cooking it in the Primo Ceramic Grill.

  6. An extra step is to place an ice pack or ice cubes in a resealable plastic bag and place on the turkey while the remainder of the meat comes up to room temperature.

  7. Wrap the exposed leg bone with foil to avoid burning it. Oops I forgot that step this time! 

  8. The recommended safe temperature for a turkey is 165°F internal temperature but there is a carryover temperature. Therefore removing the turkey from the grill at 160°F is perfectly fine then allow the temperature to rise to 165°F to 170°F while resting. The turkey thigh and leg should be at about 180°F when the breast reaches the proper temperature. 

  9. The resting time of 30 minutes is essential! Sometimes I’ve waited for up to 45 minutes! Just be sure to give the turkey juices plenty of time to absorb back into the turkey meat. 

  10.  For a crispy turkey skin, avoid basting, liquid brines, or placing a foil tent over it. 

  11. Thaw a frozen turkey 3-4 days; it will take longer than you think! In a pinch, thaw the turkey in the sink or extra large bowl filled with cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes, if possible.

  12. Lastly, the minute your turkey dinner is over pack the turkey and gravy in covered containers. I mean immediately! One year I gave my husband food poisoning because the gravy didn’t make it to the fridge soon enough…or when the gravy did not come to a boil when reheated a few days after Thanksgiving.

An overhead of a golden brown turkey. A carving knife and fork are near by.
A 15 pound turkey will feed 8-10 people.


As a general rule, plan on 1 1/2 Pounds of turkey (uncooked) per person. 

10 -12 pound turkey serves 6 to 8 people

13 - 16 pound turkey serves 8 to 10 people 

17 - 22 pound turkey serves 11 to 16 people 

Primo Rubs are in front of a Primo Grill.
Have you tried Primo Grill Rubs and BBQ Sauce! Ya gotta let me know what you think!


So are you feeling you want something more on your turkey than butter and granulated garlic? That’s fine ~ Primo Ceramic Grills has you covered with their line of rubs. All you do is add 1/2 tablespoon of the rub to the butter paste instead of the granulated garlic. Sprinkle the turkey cavity with 1/2 tablespoon rub, and sprinkle on the skin too!  


Primo Garlic Pepper Rub


Primo Chicken Tickler Rub


Primo Pecan Rub


Primo Summer Peach Rub

A grill is open with lump charcoal and wood chunks. The fire has been lite.
Time to light the fire in my Primo Grill!

It’s Time to Fire Up Your Primo Ceramic Grill and Smoke a Rotisserie Turkey!

A beautiful amber turkey is done cooking. It is on a platter with golden onions.
If you want a crispy skin increase the heat to 375°F for the last 30 minutes.

Easiest Rotisserie Turkey Ever


Recipe Easiest Rotisserie Turkey Ever
Download DOCX • 10KB

Easiest Rotisserie Turkey 


Prep Time 15 minutes

Inactive Prep Time 50 minutes

Cook Time 2 1/2 hours

Category Poultry

The Ingredients

For 10 Persons

1 (15 lbs) turkey, fresh or thawed, giblets and neck removed 

1/2 cup salted butter

1/2 tablespoon granulated garlic

1/4 cup dried herb and salt blend or 1/2 tablespoon Primo Rub


Preparation Instructions

Remove the grill racks and set up the Primo Rotisserie.

Fill the fire box, just past the air holes, with Primo Grill Lump Charcoal. Light the charcoal, with the bottom vent fully opened. Wait about 10 minutes then close the dome lid allowing the inside temperature of the grill to reach 275°F before adjusting top and bottom vents to stabilize the heat between 325°F to 350°.

Position a drip pan in the center of the grill on the deflector rack. 

Pat turkey dry with paper towels. Combine the butter and granulated garlic paste, mix well, and spread half the paste under the turkey breast skin. 

Sprinkle the turkey cavity with a herb and salt blend.

Use butcher twine to truss the turkey, as desired. Check online video instruction.

Place one rotisserie fork loosely on the spit rod. Push the spit rod through the cavity. Position the turkey on the center of the rod, and screw the fork tines to secure. 

Once the turkey is secure on the spit rod, place the turkey on top of an aluminum pan or any deep long pan and spread with the remaining garlic butter paste. Foil wrap the end of the turkey leg bones.


Cooking Instructions

Insert the spit rod with turkey into the rotisserie motor. Start the motor and close the lid.

Cook the turkey for 2 1/2 hours then check the internal temperature of the breast and thigh with a meat thermometer. The ideal temperature for a turkey breast is 160°F to 165°F and for thighs 165°F to 180°F. A 15 pound turkey will take between 2 to 3 hours. 

Note: While the turkey cooks, it is wise to check a few times to see if the spit rod is rotating and the grill’s temperature is staying between 300°F - 350°F. 

Remove the turkey from the grill when the ideal internal temperature has been reached.

Rest the turkey for at least 30 minutes before carving. Slice and serve!

A cooked turkey is on a platter with grilled veggies and onions. A carving is placed nearby. There is a Primo Ceramic Grill in the backdrop.
Turkey Time! Let's eat!

A close up of a perfectly golen turkey on a platter of parsley and golden onions.
Pause! Breathe! Roasting a turkey on a Primo Grill Rotisserie is not difficult.



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