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Tamale Pie with Chorizo Aussie Beef or Lamb

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Tamale Pie with Chorizo Aussie Beef or Lamb

Tamale Pie with Chorizo Aussie Beef or Lamb

WE need to be flexible right now in our meal planning! Whatever ingredients we have stored in the freezer and pantry have suddenly become our assistant to avoiding numerous trips to the grocery store; masked like a bandit!

Fortunately, when the Safer At Home mandate sounded I had in the freezer 1 package of Aussie ground lamb, 3 pounds of Aussie ground beef, 1 ribeye roast, and 2 racks of Aussie lamb in the freezer. YES you caught me, I am an Aussie carnivore at heart!

What recipes are you craving right now? Comfort food? Your mama’s signature dish? I can answer those three questions: Tamale Pie, Yes, and Yes!

My crave worthy Chorizo Tamale Pie with Aussie Ground Beef or Lamb is a comforting childhood memory. My mama did not cook much because that was my Dad’s love language, however, Mama took pride in her Tamale Pie! Richly seasoned tomato sauce smothering tasty ground beef with pops of peas, corn, olives, and raisins. As a child, I loved the whole combination of flavors and textures but the icing on the cake was the spongy cornbread that my 4 siblings fought over.

I am not just like my mama though and I have 2 children who do not enjoy olives and 1 friend who won’t eat raisins. Gosh PeePs ya killin’ me here! I have to let those familiar tamale ingredients go by the way side. My tamale pie will, however, have lots more nutrient packed veggies! A Tamale Pie recipe is a perfect recipe to "Do Swaps" with during this challenging time of cooking.

Your pantry, freezer, and grocery store are stocked with different ingredients than mine so I have written the recipe so you can swap ingredients as needed.

I must say, Aussie ground beef or lamb is so delicious with my Chorizo seasoning! I have tried my seasoning blend with both Aussie beef and lamb, I can not decide which meat I like the best for the Tamale Pie! The decision is now up to you!

My Chorizo seasoned ground beef or lamb recipe in many dishes: tacos, enchiladas, spaghetti, pizza, eggs, pita, taco salad, and tamales. And if you are gluten free or have corn allergies you can top this comforting tamale filling with mashed sweet potatoes or whipped cauliflower!

I only have DO NOTs: Don’t use a “Sweet” cornbread mix if you choose to mix raisins into the meat mixture. For me, too many sweet elements makes it …well too sweet! I made that mistake the first time! In all honesty, cornbread batter is easy to make by scratch so I would highly suggest you give it a try!


Tamale pie is a cornmeal and meat casserole that first started in the Southwestern United States in early 1900. Although sometimes characterized as Mexican food, tamale pies are not a common dish in Mexico in which the individually wrapped style is preferred.

The name Tamale Pie comes from the cornmeal crust likeness to a tamale.

There are plenty of variations in the ingredients making up the cornmeal or masa topping, and some recipes include a bottom cornbread crust too. I grew up with only the top crust. And knowing Mom, I bet she used a Jiffy cornbread mix for the topping.

The one element that does remain the same in all Tamale Pies are the tamale-tasting ingredients! A medley of Tamale Pie ingredients could include: onion, garlic, tomato, bell peppers, beans, black olives, salsa, chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, coriander, corn, peas, green beans, raisins, pineapple and cheese. Yes, you can pick your favorite ingredients and create your own comforting Tamale Pie using Aussie Beef and Lamb.

Tamale Pie with Chorizo Aussie Beef or Lamb


Chorizo Aussie Beef or Lamb

1 pound Aussie Ground Beef or Lamb

1 cup chopped onion

2 teaspoons chili powder

2 teaspoons smoked paprika powder

2 teaspoons ground cumin

1 teaspoon granulated garlic

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon salt

1 (4 oz) can diced green chilies, drain and reserve juice, as instructed

1 tablespoon ketchup

1 tablespoon apple vinegar, white vinegar, or lime juice

Tamale Pie

2 ½ cups canned roasted diced tomatoes

1/4 cup tomato sauce, or pasta sauce, or salsa

1 cup frozen corn, or fresh, or canned

1/2 cup frozen peas

1/2 cup chopped carrots or frozen sliced carrots

1/4 cup sliced Spanish olives or black olives, drained (optional)

2 tablespoons black or golden raisins (optional)

4 ounces diced green chilies, as instructed

1 cup grated Mexican or sharp cheddar cheese, about 4 ounces

1/4 cup chopped cilantro (optional)

1/4 cup chopped scallions

Cornbread: Homemade Cornbread or 1 box (7 oz) box


Preheat oven to 375°F degrees.

For the Chorizo: In 10-inch Cast Iron Skillet, over medium-high, brown Aussie ground meat, onions, chili powder, paprika, cumin, garlic, coriander, and salt; cook and stir meat about 4 minutes. Add 3 tablespoons green chili juice and ketchup; cook on low for 2-4 minutes. Add vinegar or lime juice and salt to taste.

For The Tamale Filling: Add to the Chorizo, tomatoes, tomato sauce, corn, peas, carrots, black olives, and remainder of green chilies; stir and adjust seasoning if needed. Top filling with grated cheese cilantro. Pour batter over tamale filling. Bake in center of oven for 30-40 minutes depending on cornbread. To serve: Allow to cool for 10 minutes before serving. Serves 6-8.

For The Cornbread Topping Options:

Follow instructions on Cornbread Mix package, pour on filling, and sprinkle with scallions.

Make your favorite homemade cornbread batter that is usually baked in a 8-inch or 9-inch pan.

Make the Cornbread Recipe Below

Tamale Cornbread Topping:

1 ¼ cups cornmeal

¾ cup all-purpose flour

2 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 teaspoons granulated sugar

1 teaspoon coriander, optional

1 teaspoon kosher or sea salt

1 large egg or 1 extra-large egg

1/4 cup canola oil

1 cup milk buttermilk or plain yogurt

Instructions: In a large bowl, combine the cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder, coriander, and salt, in a large bowl. In a smaller bowl, mix the egg, oil and buttermilk together; whisk to combine. Pour over tamale filling as instructed.

Stay Safe! Eat Healthy! Enjoy Cooking At Home! Hope to see you soon!

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